Saturday, May 20, 2017

Mii Not Wii Fit

Image result for wii fit plus gamesDiscovered this morning that three of the four treadmills in my apartment complex fitness center are broken and the fourth was occupied, so I wasn't able to get in a good run/walk session. After puttering about my apartment for a bit (and having a second cup of coffee), I decided to do a Wii Fit workout. I knew that there were various individual exercises for yoga, balance, and strength, plus the various game-like activities (running, skateboarding, etc) but had not figured out how to build an actual workout. I found the workout part after getting irritated by having to keep selecting a new exercise. I added in all of the strength training bits so made a 25 minute workout.

Dang, I'm out of shape.  I knew that already, but now it's documented.

As I keep going, it'll be interesting to watch progression over time. Overall, there are things I can do moderately well and things that I am not very good at. The "single arm stand up" is one in which I'm particularly not good. The good news is that I can practice getting up from laying down on the floor pretty much any place there is a bit of floor space. I'll be adding that move to my NerdFitness-based bodyweight workout. I don't know that I'll ever be happy about doing pushups on the Wii Balance Board as I'd like to have my hands a bit farther apart than the board allows, but I can always do pushups on my own separately.

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