Wednesday, May 31, 2017

I Like Potatoes

I'm taking a week off from work to use some of the comp time I've accumulated over the past six months. I happened to stumble across Penn Jillette's Presto! which tells the story of how he lost about 100 pounds, starting by eating nothing but potatoes for several weeks. I've been wanting to reset my taste buds to be less accustomed to salt, sugar, and fat so I decided I might as well follow Penn's lead. I will admit to cheating a tiny bit just to eat some produce that would otherwise spoil--avocados, romaine, bananas, cherry tomatoes. Other than that, it's plain baked potatoes, black coffee, and water.

So far, I feel pretty good and I'm not having any cravings as of the fourth day into this experiment. We'll see how things progress. I'll keep up the potato focus until at least my next work trip. It'll be impossible to eat only potatoes while traveling.

For exercise, lately I'm letting my hip get happier and focusing on stretching. I have re-started my volunteer gardening again, with a two hour stint at weeding and planting squash. The weather has been pretty rainy lately which puts a damper on outside activities. I have been spending more time with my Wii, however. I did enough cardio yesterday to completely sweat through my t-shirt, stringing together 10 minutes of boxing, 10 minutes of running, 6 minutes of hula hoop and some bowling. Today I did canoeing, bicycling, swordfighting, and bowling. I anticipate my shoulders and lats will remind me in the morning that I used them.

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