Saturday, April 29, 2017

Dark Side Half Marathon Completed

I was in the Disney/Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon again this year. The weather was hot and I wasn't as prepared for the race as I should have been. I found the Team Galloway pace group in my corral and stuck with them all the way through. I did finish and I did meet my time goal. I also felt something in my left hip tear within the first mile of the race. The pain and function didn't get worse as the race went on so I just kept going. 

I also ended up getting on a plane for an international business trip the very next day. While on my trip, I got in a couple miles of walking each day, so that was good. My hip is still sore and has twinges off and on. I'm not sure what motion it is that sets it off but strongly suspect that a lot of good stretching would help wonders.

Next up, I'm aiming at the Light Side Half in Anaheim in January 2018. I'm setting a goal of 2:30 for a finishing time, barring any injuries or temperature issues. I'm in the process of plotting out my training plan, using either a Galloway or Higdon training plan to get me started and keep me on track.

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