Saturday, January 24, 2015

May The Course Be With You

The inaugural Star Wars half marathon was incredibly fun. I felt quite a bit better prepared than past races, having actually continued going to the gym in the last couple weeks leading up to the race, instead of letting other things get in the way. I shaved over 20 minutes off my last half marathon time, logging 3:16:34. While I was very sore the remainder of race day and suspected I had injured my left foot, within three days, the pain and stiffness had all resolved. I was very pleased about that as it makes it a whole lot easier to get back into the gym and keep going with regular workouts.

As with all Disney races, there were costumes galore.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Starting Out

Although I've been a regular presence at my local gym for several years, I've decided that it's time to be more focused and dedicated to my workouts.  I haven't seen the results that I've wanted, largely due to being unwilling to dramatically alter my eating habits and due to stints where I avoid the gym. It's time for this to change. 

On Sunday January 18th, I'll participate in the Inaugural Star Wars Half Marathon at Disneyland.  Fortunately the pacing will allow me to walk most, if not all, of the race and still earn a finisher's medal. I'm not fit enough to run most of it.  I had a bad patch in the past six months where I pretty thoroughly lost my motivation to boost my cardio fitness and only periodically made it to the gym at all. But I know I can walk my way through the whole thing, so I will.